ASTRA of Hamilton, Ohio

The ASTRA Club of Hamilton was presented with a grant for the purpose of putting on a leadership and service workshop. The Leadership Workshop was held on Saturday, January 14, 2012 at Hamilton High School, under the guidance of Zellene Miller, the ASTRA Advisor for the Altrusa Club of Hamilton.

The presenter and facilitator for the day was Mrs. Molly Merz, Teacher Academy Instructor. Mrs. Merz was named Teacher of the Year a couple of years ago. Ser-vice and leadership are embedded into her curriculum and lesson plans.

The day began with breakfast. During the breakfast hour students were given a welcome survey asking three questions that had to be filled out and returned prior to the beginning of the session. The three questions were:

  • What made you decide to come today?
  • What would you like to gain from today’s experiences?
  • What do you bring to today’s experiences?

Students were involved in several activities. After each activity there was a debriefing that tied into leadership and service. Students created charts, wrote answers on post-it-notes, organized the post-it notes, talked about what happened in the activities.

Students read a “Philanthropy” piece from Letter to my Daughter, Maya Angelou. They brainstormed what they have to offer to serve the school and community needs they named. They posted their solutions on another board. At the very end the students had to select from the board what they could do in their school and community to serve and lead.

The students were given a thank you for coming survey. The survey consisted of four questions.

1) Are you glad you came today? Please explain.
Every student that attended said “yes” they were glad they came.
Some answers were:
  • Had a great time with everyone and it definitely helped me realize I have more leadership skills than I know
  • Learned a lot about how to be a leader Had a great time and learned a lot Learned how to impact people in different ways
  • Inspiring and uplifting Most productive way to spend my Saturday
  • Helped me be more out spoken than I normally would be
  • Feel I learned a lot today and will definitely walk out a better leader
2) What did you like about today’s experience?
Some answers were:
Everyone participated, engaged with each other and had a good time
  • Learned how to become a better person
  • Interacted with people whom I did not know and it was great
  • Enjoyed all the activities
  • Learned a lot about what we can do to make a dif-ference
  • Comfortable environment without pressure
  • Teamwork
  • It was a think tank
3) What would you change about today’s experience?
  • Would not change a thing, it was a great opportuni-ty and experience, so glad I took part in it
  • Majority of the students said “Nothing at all”
  • Wish more students had come, but they did not know what they were missing
  • Nothing, what I experienced will be something I will keep with me forever and will pass it on
  • Learn more about the people there
  • Go outside or in the gym for some activities
4) What are you taking from today’s experience?
  • Knowledge that I can be a leader by doing what’s best for me, the community, and others
  • It is all in the heart
  • Accepting others and being a good listener
  • Many new skills about being a good leader and how to help others in many ways
  • Leadership skills and how I can positively impact others
  • New friends, leadership skills, new experience.
  • A better attitude about helping others
  • Taking my sticky notes to contribute to others on everyday circumstances
This was an awesome workshop! We thank Altrusa for its’ monetary support.
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