Altrusa International of Branch County, Michigan


President: Christine Delaney
President Elect: Becky Murfin
1st Vice President: Gennelle Welch
2nd Vice President: Pat Sampsel
Treasurer: Alicia Cole
Director I: Andrea Pavlov
Director II: Mary Feller
Past President: Ginger J. Kesler
Communications: Val Vaughan
Recording Secretary: Carol Hodson


President's Message

As I take the lead this year, I have challenged myself to do my best, to make sure I make time in my already busy schedule, and to follow through on the things I say I’ll do. We all know that person who everyone turns to because she gets things done. I want to be that kind of person. I encourage each of you to take the same personal challenge. Don’t be afraid to say you’ll do something, then follow through. But also, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. We have 40-some women ready to lend a hand. Imagine what we can accomplish if every one of us commits to being the person who gets things done.

Let’s have some fun!

Christine Delaney

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Branch County Altrusans raise money via a diamond raffle to help fund some of their many service projects
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