District Five Service Bulletins (DSB's)

The District Five Service Bulletin is a resource for all Altrusans in District Five. It contains articles of interest, notes about upcoming events, accomplishments of clubs from around the District and much more.  It is published four times per year.


 June 2017 DSB
 February 2017 DSB


  November 2016 DSB
  September 2016 DSB
  June 2016 DSB
  March 2016 DSB
  February 2016 DSB


  November 2015 DSB
  June 2015 DSB
  February 2015 DSB


  November 2014 DSB
  September 2014 DSB
  June 2014 DSB
  February 2014 DSB



  Winter 2013 DSB
  Fall 2013 DSB
  Summer 2013 DSB
  February 2013 DSB
     Conference 2013 Leadership Workshop
     Conference 2013 Registration Form
     Conference 2013 Conference-at-a-glance


  November 2012 DSB
  September 2012 DSB
  June 2012 DSB
  February 2012 DSB "Call to Conference"
  Conference 2012 at a Glance
  Conference 2012 Registration Form
  Conference 2012 Bio of Leadership Workshop presenter

Older Issues

  November 2011
  September 2011
  June 2011
  February 2011 "Call to Conference"

  February 2010 "Call to Conference"
District Five Clubs that won awards
Governor Germaine Vonderhaar accepting an award at Convention in Kansas City
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