Roberta Jacobs


Troy, OH

Judy Montach

Strategic Planning

Battle Creek, MI

Belinda Huffman


Dayton, OH

Connor Teters

Membership & Revitalization

Bucyrus, OH

Peggy Rowan

Communication & Webmaster

Columbus, OH

Mackenzie Them

Conference Program Coordinator

Mansfield, OH

Heather Beers, Findlay, OH

I think Altrusa means a lot in the community and we need to get our name out there more.

Irene Colbert, Xenia, OH & Sylvia Clark, Lima, OH

The club’s commitment to the community, the diversity of its members and the consistent goals.

Neil Webster, Dayton, OH

Altrusa is my first commitment to a service organization. I’ve sort of grown into the role.